Pinterest predicts consumer trends for 2020

Visual search engine Pinterest has revealed its top 100 trends for 2020,
including the rise of consumers looking for more gender-neutral options,
more conscious consumption, tips to style up their pets, and the continuing
trend for ’90s nostalgia with Y2K-inspired outfits, luxe scrunchies and 90s

With more than 320 million people using Pinterest all over the world
each month, the visual search engine has stated that this has given them a
“unique insight into emerging trends” through analysing global search
volumes from August 2017 to July 2018 with those of August 2018 to July
2019 to create their annual 100 Pinterest Trends for 2020 covering food,
home, style, beauty, travel and family.

A key trend includes the ongoing 90s references, which Pinterest stating
it spans from high-fashion catwalk collections right through to retro
devices, as consumers look for a “nostalgic rewind back to a more
lighthearted era”. This has led to searches for grunge fashion, from combat
boots to flannel and oversized outerwear increasing by 292 percent and
Y2K-inspired outfits with army pants, hip chains and logomania up a
staggering 669 percent.

Other fashion trends of the 90s includes luxe hair scrunchies up 6,309
percent, hair clips up 930 percent, and trainers, baby tees and hoodies
from 90s streetwear gaining momentum with searches up 277 percent.

The 90s resurgence has meant that heritage brands like Fila are reaching
new audiences as Gen Z aims for an authentic 90s vibe, explains

Pinterest reveals the top trends to inspire in 2020 – from 90s style to
space everything and conscious options

Fashion and beauty will also continue to be inspired by space in 2020,
with NASA logos on hoodies, hats and jumpsuits, up 106 percent, while
planet make-up, think intergalactic with purple lip gloss, black lipstick
and icy blue eyeshadow seeing an increase of 217 percent, and the stars are
inspiring jewellery trends with piercing ear constellation up 112

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Pinterest predicts consumer trends for 2020

There is also a trend beyond binary, with people looking for more
gender-neutral options, including unisex children’s clothing up 119
percent, as parents look for more than just pink and blue, while in
fashion, women are looking for androgynous wedding wear, tuxedo dresses and
white-lace suits, and in beauty, there is a 625 percent increase in
gender-neutral haircuts.

Another key trend for 2020 will be conscious consumption as shoppers
continue to push for more eco-friendly options, with thrifted wedding dress
searches up 41 percent, while secondhand fashion has seen an increase of 38
percent, and product swaps has jumped up by 172 percent.

In addition, the call of nature is also seen within Pinterest’s
re-wilding theme that includes an increase of 194 percent searching for
hiking fashion, with consumers looking for comfortable layers paired with
boots that are made for walking.

It isn’t just trends for humans, according to Pinterest, pampered pets
is only going to increase into 2020, with pet fashion, ranging from dapper
dog, cat and goat styles up 199 percent, along with pet resorts, cat
birthdays, and dog cakes.

Other key themes included responsible travel, international-inspired
experiences, finding balance, and home hubs.

Images: courtesy of Pinterest



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