Piers Morgan gives away holiday homes to loved ones during coronavirus pandemic

Fiery Piers Morgan has bitten back at critics who say he has it easy during lockdown and revealed he has given his holiday homes to loved ones who really need it.

Today the Good Morning Britain presenter lashed out at selfish sunbathers who refused to stay home during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

He was met with a barrage of criticism after tweeting that anyone going against the rules to take advantage of the good weather were putting lives at risk.

Many suggested it was simple for the millionaire in his plush central London pad.

Economics reporter Daniel Knowles tweeted: “Wonder if Piers Morgan is giving up his massive garden and pool in sympathy with all the families in cramped council flats he thinks are selfish reckless b*****s for enjoying a bit of sun.”

Piers won’t raise a glass to those putting lives at risk – but hit back at his critics

Piers didn’t take the stab lying down and said he has made a big gesture during the difficult time.

He revealed his parents are isolating at his country mansion and he has given his Beverly Hills pad to neighbours who needed more space.

“I’m in London with no pool, and a very small garden,” he replied.

“I’ve lent my LA home to a friend who had a very small one. And my parents are self-isolating at our Sussex home.

His doesn’t have acres of land like some say on twitter

Piers has turned one of the rooms in his London home into a makeshift TV studio

“Hope this helps with your concerns, which have nothing to do with someone’s ability to observe simple rules.”

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Piers has been pick plenty of fights as the country gets to grips with Covid-19.

He went in on his “stupid” pal Sir Alan Sugar for urging others to get some sun this weekend.

Lord Sugar wrote: “I can’t for the life of me understand what  @piersmorgan  is on about in respect to sunbathing.

He called Sir Alan Sugar “a disgrace”

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“If you are 10 ft away from the next person in the open what’s wrong with that. In Essex we have big fields if you are in the middle of one chilling out in the sun whats wrong with that?”

Piers responded: “Billionaire hiding safely in his luxury Florida home demands the right for British people to all go out sunbathing…

“In direct contravention of Govt. instructions, as UK  #coronavirus  death toll rockets incl more & more NHS staff on the frontline. What an utter disgrace.”



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