Piers Morgan blasts 'disgusting' video of thugs grabbing Chris Whitty in street

Piers Morgan has criticised footage that appeared on Monday night of two men accosting England’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty

Chris Whitty

Piers Morgan has hit out at the idiots who manhandled Chris Whitty and filmed it.

New footage appeared on Monday of Professor Whitty being grappled by two men, with what appears to be a third person brandishing a camera in the medics face while he attempted to wriggle free.

The men can be heard shouting “oi oi” and asking for a picture as they continue to harass England’s chief medical officer during the encounter in St James’s Park, London.

As he tries to walk away from the men they grab him again and act up for the camera.

And former Good Morning Britain man Piers took to social media to condemn the men’s actions.

The 56-year-old retweeted a post showing the horrible scenes and simply captioned it: “Disgusting.”

His followers were quick to agree with him too.

One wrote: “This is so so wrong…that poor man. Nobody deserves to be harassed and intimidated like this.”

Another commented: “I don’t agree with everything he says but he’s just trying to do his job, he’s practically been a government minister over #covid19 and shoved in front of the cameras weekly…he should have some protection.”

And a third put: “That’s terrible they have no respect or manners. poor man.”

Two men grabbed Chris Whitty, much to his dismay

Many other celebrities and famous faces also took to Twitter to condemn the actions.

Good Morning Britain’s Adil Ray pleaded with Boris Johnson to provide Chris Whitty with extra security.

He wrote: “This is an utterly disgusting way to treat a person who has devoted his time to save our lives. These complete and utter imbeciles must be found and dealt with. Meanwhile @BorisJohnson please provide Chris Whitty with security.”

The men forced their camera in Chris Whitty’s face

Former footballer Stan Collymore said: “Feel for Chris Whitty. Absolute feral f***ing dogs.”

Sadly, it’s not the first time Prof Whitty has been accosted in the street. In February, a TikTok user filmed himself cornering Chris to call him a liar about the Covid-19 situation.

The man captured himself on camera saying: “You are a liar, you lie about the COVID-19 cases.

“Stop lying to the TV, liar.”

Once again Piers condemned the actions and defended England’s chief medical officer. While still part of Good Morning Britain, Piers told viewers: “Professor Whitty is our Chief Medical Officer and is probably doing 18 to 20 hour days seven days a week to try and save our lives.

“The very least he deserves is our respect and yet he got that in the street from somebody clearly whipped up to believe Covid does not exist and is all lies.”

Piers has defended Chris Whitty against bullies on several occasions


GC Images)

He continued: “That video should disgust all of us in the same way that the trolling of Captain Tom and Marcus Rashford should disgust us.

“Where is our decency? That is a disgusting piece of footage.”

Following the latest incident, Metropolitan Police said: “We are aware of a video being shared online showing an incident in St James’s Park. Officers spoke to all those involved at the time and their details were taken.

“We are in contact with the victim and the circumstances continue to be investigated.”


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