Piers Corbyn heckles climate justice event featuring younger brother Jeremy

Jeremy Corbyn remained stone-faced on the stage, as his older brother Piers furiously interrupted the event as women and people of colour were invited to ask questions

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Jeremy Corbyn event interrupted by heckler in Brighton

Piers Corbyn heckled a climate change event which featured his younger brother Jeremy on the panel, calling for the “end of private greed domination”.

Piers launched his tirade, fuming that the chair of the event had asked for questions from women and people of colour only.

Jeremy Corbyn was a speaker at the climate justice event, The World Transformed (TWT) alongside Labour MPs Zarah Sultana, Olivia Blake and Clive Lewis.

They had all made impassioned speeches calling on their audience to fight for issues ranging from racism to Covid-19 because the crises “not only overlap, but share the same cause”.

Stressing the need for climate action, the former Labour leader made told the crowd the “poorest kids in the poorest cities are suffering the worst effects of climate change”.

But soon after questions were invited from the audience, Piers Corbyn heckled the event.

Shouting, he called for collective global action on the climate emergency and “public ownership of energy, of water and all the other transport industries with public investment” that must “end the domination of private greed that has done so much damage to our country, our environment, our planet.”

Piers refused to leave the event even though he was booed by the crowd who were keen to listen to his brother.

The chair of the event stood up and said: “You need to ask yourself what level of entitlement you think you have over this space.

Piers Corbyn remains standing after interrupting the Labour Party Conference fringe event

“You need to sit down and show some goddamn respect.”

She added: “Alright, so we need to carry on comrades, because we have a massive task ahead of us.”

Before Piers disrupted the event, Labour MP Zarah Sultana slammed Sir Keir Starmer for abandoning “every aspect” of the green new deal ahead of COP26.

Ms Sultana commended Ed Miliband’s efforts to keep climate change on the party’s agenda but appeared to suggest his calls were falling on deaf ears.

Ms Sultana said: “Two years ago here in Brighton, party members and the vast majority of affiliated trade unionists committed to the most radical climate program that has been adopted by any political party in the Global North.

“And that was a socialist new deal, a state led programme for rapid decolonisation through economic transformation with a 2030 net zero target.

“That was developed by John (McDonnell), Jeremy (Corbyn), Becky (Rebecca) Long Bailey. But we lost the election obviously, and we all know that, just when we needed it the most.

An anti-vaccine activist shouted at the top of his lungs, insisting children should be protected from getting the jab

Piers Corbyn has regularly spoken at climate science denial events and previously suggested climate change was “nonsense”.

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Around 60% of 16-17 year olds have already received their vaccine since it was rolled out to the age group in August.

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