'People said our 22 year age gap was too much – we proved them wrong'

A man named Alexander Crowley has defended his relationship saying that his partner is his ‘soulmate’ and he doesn’t care that she’s 47 and he’s 25 – to him, age is just a number

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25-year-old man has a 47 -year-old girlfriend

A man has spoken out to defend his age-gap relationship – as people said it would never work but now, a year later, they’re still together and happier than ever.

TikTok user Alexander Crowley, @alexander.crowley13_, said his partner is his “soulmate” and he doesn’t care that she’s 47, even though he is just 25.

When they first started dating they encountered their fair share of haters, but now he has said that the pair have been together for a whole year and they’re happier than ever.

But soon after sharing the news on social media, Alexander was once again inundated with negative comments from people who said his girlfriend was too old for him.

Alexander said he doesn’t care about age


The pair have been criticised online but they’re happy with their decisions


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Alexander captioned the video: “Despite the advice not to, I’m glad I chose my own path.”

In another TikTok video, he went on to say: “People didn’t understand our age gap and said it wouldn’t last. A year later and we are still going strong.”

The video has had over 14,000 views online and attracted many comments, and while some were supportive, others were full of criticism.

One said: “He doesn’t even know what he’s missing out there. She should feel awful about robbing him of his 20s, just to stroke her ego.”

Then a second wrote: “Kid probably doesn’t have a mum.”

And a third said they found the union “sick”.

But not all TikTok users were negative, others supported the couple and wished them luck.

One said: “I love it man, good for you! At 24-years-old I’m hoping to get the same when I grow up hopefully this year or next. Keep loving each other!”

And a second wrote: “Beautiful couple, I cant’ want to have a relationship with an older woman.”

“That’s great,” added a third. “As long as you can love each other.”

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