'People make jokes about how I'm an only child – they don't know my sister died'

An anonymous woman said she was sick and tired of people making jokes about her being an only child, as when she was younger she had a sister who sadly died as a child

A woman said she was sick of her friends making jokes about her being an only child

A woman left her friends divided after insisting they stop making jokes about her being an only child – as she once had a sister but the sibling had sadly died when they were young.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said her friends and even her partner would make jokes about her being an only child, saying she doesn’t know how to share.

The woman said she understands that these are just generic jokes and are not meant to be offensive, but she takes them to heart as in her mind she isn’t an only child.

That’s because when she was younger she had a sister, but sadly the sibling died when she was eight years old, and now the woman has had enough of her friends poking fun.

The woman was sick of her friends’ jokes


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Taking to Reddit, the woman said: “I‘m kind of an only-child because my sister died when she was eight and I was 12.

“It was really sad for my whole family – especially my parents who separated after this.

“My boyfriend knows this, but he sometimes makes jokes about how I‘m an only child and that I can not share food and stuff like that.

“I know that these are only jokes but it makes me sad.

“He did this again yesterday while we were meeting some of our friends. They also made some jokes and that was enough for me – I told them that this makes me sad and that I don’t like it and how I miss my sister and that I don’t feel like an only child because I still have a sister – she’s ‘just’ not alive.

“Some of my friends were shocked and apologised but my boyfriend and two other friends argued that I’m just acting like an only-child by crying, being dramatic and not accepting jokes.

“I said that I would not accept this behaviour and that I don’t want to see them again if they act this way.”

After sharing her story online, the woman was inundated with comments from other Reddit users who said the woman was not in the wrong to be upset.

One said: “You are not an only child and never will be. You have a sibling. You played with and loved her and you have felt her absence every day since she passed.

“Your boyfriend is the one acting spoiled and insensitive. Sibling loss (especially at a young age) is one of the most traumatic things you can endure.

“I’m sorry for your loss.”

While a second user commented: “Your boyfriend and two other friends are poking fun at your dead sister. That is such a beyond-a*****e thing to do that there are serious questions as to why you have any contact with these deplorable a******s.”

And a third wrote: “Your soon to be ex-boyfriend isn’t respecting your feelings. He and his friends seem fairly toxic.”

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