'People don't believe my brother is my twin – we were born two years apart'

TikTok user Sarah has revealed she and her brother were both conceived at the same time via IVF but were born two years apart when their parents chose to freeze one of the embryos

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People don’t believe TikTok user’s brother is really her twin because they were born two years apart

The defining characteristic of twins is usually that they were born on the same day and are therefore the same age – but one woman has claimed she is two years younger than her twin brother.

TikTok user Sarah has said she and her brother are “IVF twins”, and that while they were conceived at the same time, their mother chose to freeze one of them for two years until she decided to go through with having a second child.

The result means Sarah and her brother are technically fraternal twins, even though they have different birthdays and are two years apart in age.

In a video, Sarah explained: “Why people get confused when I say my brother and I are twins:

Sar and her brother were born two years apart

The pair were conceived at the same time via IVF

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“We are two years apart.

“We were born in the same womb.

“I was put in the freezer for two years.

“We’re IVF twins!”

The clip has received more than 587,000 likes, and commenters couldn’t believe the woman was left in a freezer as an embryo.

One wrote: “I feel like I’d be freaked out to now I was just chilling in a freezer for two years before my mom was ready to grow me.”

Sar insists they are twins despite their unconventional births

Her videos divided opinions among commenters

And another added: “It kinda blows my mind to think you were frozen in a freezer for two years, and now you’re a human…”

While a third person said: “It just trips me out that you were chilling in a freezer for 2 years.”

Sarah’s video was viewed over 6 million times, which prompted her to post another clip in which she showed off her brother.

In the second video, Sarah answered a number of yes or no questions and revealed the pair don’t look the same or share the same birthday, but are still classified as twins.

However, many TikTok users refused to accept the pair’s status as twins as they weren’t born from the same pregnancy.

One comment read: “As a mum of twins AND an IVF mum: NOT twins!”

While another poster wrote: “I’m so tired of seeing these videos. IVF mum here. They are not considered twins! Not by doctors. This is something people just made up.”


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