People are making pasta skewers on TikTok – but not everyone is convinced

Tuck into this new savoury snack (Picture: TikTok/@heartbeatfood)

Forget cookbooks, TikTok is now the go-to place for culinary inspiration.

Recently, recipes for ricotta toast and frozen honey have caught our attention, and over the past year we’ve uncovered a plethora of new pasta dishes – including baked Boursin, honeycomb cake and more.

But now it seems people are doing something totally different with the popular carbohydrate.

Foodies are making pasta skewers on TikTok and they look like a great savoury snack.

As the name suggests, they’re made by loading cooked pasta onto some skewers before topping with tomato pasta sauce, cheese, onion, olives and peppers.

After, they are baked in the oven and the end result is a gooey, cheesy treat.

TikTok account @heartbeatfood is behind the tasty new creation – their video has reached more than four million people worldwide and has 118,000 likes, along with 1,036 comments.

It’s safe to say that people are thoroughly intrigued by the snack and the best part is – just like pizza toppings – it can be tailored to personal taste.

So you can add whatever your heart desires to the top of the pasta base.

Load them onto a skewer (Picture: TikTok/@heartbeatfood)
Then add your favourite toppings (Picture: TikTok/@heartbeatfood)
The finished product (Picture: TikTok/@heartbeatfood)

However, some people are reluctant to get on board with the new dish.

One person replied to the video: ‘This is wrong on so many levels.’

While another added: ‘Pasta isn’t finger food.’

Someone else chipped in: ‘Leave pasta alone.’

Whether it will catch on like baked feta and spicy vodka pasta remains to be seen. 

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