People are losing it over Maya Hawke's hilarious Father's Day tribute to her dad, Ethan Hawke

Maya Hawke is undoubtedly one of the breakout stars of Stranger Things: her portrayal of awkward-but-lovable Robin Buckley is one of the main reasons we keep tuning in (don’t even think about it, Vecna). 

Even when she’s not acting, Maya knows how to put a smile on her fans’ faces. Take Father’s Day for example. The actor – whose parents are Uma Thurman (Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2) and Ethan Hawke (Dead Poets Society) – shared a tongue-in-cheek tribute to her father over on Instagram. 

Maya shared a screenshot of a tweet to her Instagram Stories, which read, “Happy Father’s Day specifically to Ethan Hawke making his son switch seats with him so he could get at Rihanna,” alongside two photos: one of Ethan’s son sitting next to Rihanna, and one of Ethan sitting next to her. Tactical swap, anyone? 

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Alongside the screenshot of the tweet, Maya wrote, “Happy Father’s Day dad,” and, quite simply, the internet has not recovered since. @DixPeyton, who wrote the original tweet, shared a screenshot of Maya’s Insta story, writing, “ABSOLUTELY WHEEZING AT MAYA HAWKE POSTING THIS TO HER STORIES.”

They also spotted that Ethan himself had liked another Instagram post, which showed a screenshot of the original tweet. @DixPeyton responded by tweeting, “Ethan Hawke liking this Instagram post is the horniest thing that has EVER happened to me.”

Incredible scenes. 

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.


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