PDP speaks on masterminding delay in Bauchi Assembly inauguration

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has denied masterminding the postponement of the inauguration of the ninth Bauchi State House of Assembly.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Chairman of PDP in Bauchi State, Hamza Koshe Akuyam, described the allegations that his party was responsible for the postponement of the inauguration as false and unfounded.

He said that the delay was based on a letter written by the Clerk of the House requesting that the date of the inauguration be shifted.

According to him, the Clerk had requested that the inauguration be postponed because of logistics issues.

He added: “The Clerk had requested for that because the previous government was supposed to have made these arrangements for the new Speaker and other officers that will emerge, but it didn’t. So the extension was to give the government enough time to make all necessary logistical arrangements.”

Akuyam, who stressed that the APC is the majority in the House, wondered how the PDP which had just 8 members-elect would manipulate to win against the 22 APC members-elect from the APC.

On the allegation of the removal of the Clerk of the House, the PDP Chairman said that there was no ulterior motive behind it saying, “it is just part of the civil service procedure, so nobody should read meanings into it”.

He added that the clerk is a civil servant who can be moved at any time in line with civil service rules, adding that he (Clerk) will not participate in the election of the Speaker of the House and so wondered why his redeployment had become an issue.

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