Paying attention to moon cycle could have benefits for all of us

Ever have one of those days where everything seems to go your way? Or a day when you feel drained of energy but you’re unsure why?

It could simply be down to the cycles of the moon, says lunar expert Kirsty Gallagher.

“Normally we just float through life and whatever happens, happens. But when we start to work with the lunar cycles, we check in with ourselves more,” she says. “The more we can come into alignment with this natural rhythm and flow, the easier life is.”

Here Kirsty shares her tips on how to harness the magic of the moon.

A full moon

Take time to reflect

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a full moon, so now it starts waning, with less of the moon visible in the sky each night. This marks a time for reflection.

Take a quiet moment away from others and look back over the last lunar cycle, which began on March 24.

Think about what’s happened and what insight that has given you over the last few weeks. Ask yourself how you would do things differently going forward. Jot down your thoughts.

What are you being shown that’s important in your life right now? Is there anything standing in your way?

Learn to let go

A half moon is called the waning third quarter. This is a time for release. It’s a key part of the lunar cycle because if we don’t let go of the things holding us back, we’ll keep repeating the same mistakes.

Think about what’s been holding you back over the last few weeks. Is it a lack of confidence or spending more time looking after others than yourself?

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Think about some positive affirmations to help you move forward, like “I believe in myself fully” or “I am all I need to achieve what I desire”.

The Harvest Moon in 2014

This is also a good time to have hard conversations. There may be people you need to limit contact with to be at your best, or regrets to let go of.

Allow yourself to rest

The final stage of the lunar cycle is called the dark moon when there is very little to see. It is the lowest energy point of the cycle. We’re pulled into ourselves emotionally and feel everything deeply.

Although this is often a difficult point in the cycle, it directs us to what needs to change. Perhaps we start to realise we don’t like parts of our job, or things our partner does.

Make a note of these and consider how to change them. But also be kind to yourself and take time to rest.

Set intentions

As a sliver of the new moon begins to appear in the sky, a new lunar cycle begins. It is time to set your intentions for the month ahead. Pick key areas to focus on such as your wellbeing, job, hobbies or relationships.

Total cycle of Lunar Eclipse as seen from Tenerife
Total cycle of Lunar Eclipse as seen from Tenerife

Write down your intentions for the month. It could be to spend more time doing things you love, or even something as simple as looking after your houseplants. You might also want to set a bigger intention which will take more than one lunar cycle to complete, such as learning a new skill.

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Grasp opportunities

By now half of the moon is in the sky. In this phase, it often feels as though the energy of the universe is on your side. You’ll think about someone and they’ll call, or you’ll need something and find the information easily. It’s a time to say yes to everything, even if that’s making time for a Skype call with a friend.

But beware, it’s also a time when imposter syndrome can creep in, making us feel as though we are not good enough to achieve the intentions we set at the new moon. Note any moments of self-doubt so you can deal with those feelings later in the cycle.

Use your energy

When the moon is nearly full, it’s called a waxing gibbous moon. At this point in the lunar cycle, you may not sleep as much. This is because your energies are starting to peak. It’s almost as if the moon is saying to us: “You set intentions at the start of the month and you’ve got to do all you can to make them come true, so you’ve not really got time to sleep.”

Use this time to double down on making your plans come to fruition. It’s OK to spend an extra bit of energy on achieving them before the full moon arrives.

Celebrate your achievements

When the full moon is above us, it’s often a time of heightened emotion. We look back over the month and think about what we’ve achieved and the intentions we made happen. But the light of the moon will also highlight where we are now and what we didn’t achieve.

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Take a moment to think about the things you’ve done well so far this month, and take stock of those that didn’t get done.

Don’t be afraid to celebrate your achievements and start planning for the month ahead.

Interview by Elizabeth Archer

  • Lunar Living: Working with the Magic of the Moon Cycles by Kirsty Gallagher (Yellow Kite, £14.99) is available now



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