Party's over for 'serial liar' Boris Johnson as pressure mounts for PM to quit


A poll today found two-thirds of voters believe Boris Johnson should now go. Former Tory Attorney General Dominic Grieve branded the Prime Minister a ‘serial liar’ who should be ousted

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Boris Johnson dodges question on No 10 party

Grieving relatives of Covid ­victims tonight demanded Boris Johnson quit and urged police to investigate him over the latest No10 lockdown party revelations.

Health staff, Labour and even Tory MPs also joined the growing calls for him to resign amid claims he and wife Carrie had attended the “bring your own booze” bash in May 2020, when gatherings were banned.

A poll today found two-thirds of voters believe the PM should now go.

Former Tory Attorney General Dominic Grieve branded Mr Johnson a “serial liar” who should be ousted.

Whitehall enforcer Sue Gray is now investigating at least six events, four of which were attended by the PM. Her reported is expected next week.

But Mr Johnson was accused of “hiding behind” the probe after he skipped a Commons quiz in which tearful and angry MPs recounted painful lockdown memories.

Hannah Brady, whose father Shaun Brady, aged 55, died from coronavirus in May 2020


Julian Hamilton/Daily Mirror)

Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice Group spokeswoman Hannah Brady told how she signed her dad Shaun’s death certificate on May 20, 2020, the day of the No10 garden party.

She said: “This pandemic for me is the story of two men.

“One is my 55-year-old dad who is dead, having spent 42 nights on a ventilator fighting Covid. The other is a man who was 55 at the time of this party, Boris Johnson.”

Hannah also told how in September she sat in the No10 garden with Mr Johnson, who insisted he had “done everything he could to protect” Shaun, from Wigan. She added: It makes me feel sick to think about it.”

A socially distanced funeral in May 2020

Devastated Elena Ciesco, 49, from Surrey, lost her dad Luigi to Covid in December 2020. She said: “Boris Johnson should face ­criminal charges. It’s like a stab in the heart again and again.”

Hugh Palmer said that in May 2020 his mum Sophia Palmer was in a care home and he only spoke to her through a window. She had cut her own hair as she was not able to see a ­hairdresser.

Sophia died that August aged 91. Hugh, 61, added: “So many people ­sacrificed themselves to ease the ­pressure on the NHS. It feels like they were laughing at us all the time.”

He told how his daughter had ­identical twin babies and added: “My mum got to see them through the glass but she never got to hold them.” Jenni Lang revealed she was unable to see her brother, Graeme Wilkie, 36, in ICU when Mr Johnson held his party. The 44-year-old watched him take his “last breaths” over FaceTime the next day.

Graeme Wilkie with sisters Lisa Wilkie and Jenni Lang

Jenni, who also lost her dad, Victor, 68, from Edinburgh, to Covid, said: “The situation felt inhumane.”

Andy Mitchel’s mum, Ann, from Milton Keynes, Bucks, died on May 11, 2020, aged 97. Just five people were able to attend the former Bletchley Park codebreaker’s funeral. Andy said he is “totally gobsmacked” by latest No10 party claims.

Lyndsay Jackson, 63, from ­Derbyshire, told how her mum Sylvia, 87, died in a care home with no family.

And in the wake of the Downing St party ­revelations, she feels she maybe “should have broken the rules” and gone to be by Sylvia’s side.

Speaking of Mr Johnson, she said: “I want him gone.”

One of the tweets people shared in response to the BYOB party at Downing Street

Mr Grieve led the chorus of attacks on the PM from the world of ­politics. He said Mr Johnson “ought to be in a lot of trouble” over the parties.

He added: “He’s told a series of untruths about these issues over a period of time and the latest evidence clearly suggests the rules were broken.

“It’s part of a pattern of ­behaviour by him which undermines trust. It then becomes very difficult to accept anything he says on any topic. We have a Prime Minister who’s ­effectively a serial liar.”

In the Commons debate, after Labour tabled an urgent question over the parties, DUP MP Jim Shannon wept as he told how his mother-in-law “died alone” from Covid.

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross said: “If the Prime Minister has misled Parliament, then he must resign.”

Douglas Ross said Boris Johnson must resign if he misled parliament


Sky News)

Philip Davies, Tory MP for Shipley, warned the party ­allegations were “impossible to justify and defend”. Labour leader Keir Starmer said: “Boris Johnson, your deflections and distractions are absurd. Not only did you know about the parties in Downing Street, you attended them. Stop lying to the public. It’s time to finally come clean.”

Scotland Yard revealed it has been in contact with the Cabinet Office over the claims, although no formal investigation has been launched.

Ward manager Rebecca Tuson, 35, who works at Royal Preston Hospital in Lancashire, said: “For the people who have lost relatives, for it to be coming out in the news they [No10]have been having parties, obviously means we have not all been in it together, we have not all been following the same restrictions.”

Fellow ward manager Tracy Fawcett, 43, added: “It is like a kick in the teeth.”

Two-thirds of voters believe Boris Johnson should resign



It has emerged that Mr Johnson’s principal private secretary Martin Reynolds emailed No10 workers inviting them to the party. It was leaked to ITV News on Monday.

Witnesses say about 40 attended, including Mr Johnson and Carrie.

The Mirror first uncovered the parties scandal last month when we reported on two bashes at No10, including a leaving do where the PM gave a speech and a festive get-together.

Downing St tonight refused to confirm whether Mr Johnson had been at the party in May 2020.

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