Parliament sits for first time since Scott Morrison's election victory – politics live

[Yesterday] at the War Memorial and this morning’s reflections, I think, are very important ways for our parliament to begin. And certainly on this occasion. People coming together from across the political divide, and, of course, this week, with the swearing-in of a new governor general, I think it is a timely reminder of all the things that make our democracy, our country, so great.

There is a tremendous stability, I think, in these things that anchor our country, whether it’s our constitution, as we remembered yesterday with the governor general, the great sacrifice and service of those men and women who sacrificed everything for us.

Today, reflecting on the deeply held faith values of our nation. And later this morning, the welcome to country. I think that all brings it together, and for the ceremonies that follow. And this is the right way to start a parliament. And I look forward to continuing in that vein. This morning, there are many prayers that I must say. My prayers this morning are for Alek Sigley and his family. This is a troubling situation and we will continue to use every effort we have to locate him and hopefully bring him home safely.


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