Olu of Warri: Delta Govnor Okowa endorse Tsola Emiko as new Itsekiri King

Tsola Emiko and Ifeanyi Okowa

Wia dis foto come from, Twitter

Olu of Warri, Tsola Emiko don get di official goment endorsement from Delta State govnor Ifeanyi Okowa as di new Itsekiri King

Okowa give dis message to di Advisory Council of di Olu of Warri for meeting for Goment House, Asaba.

Di Delta State govnor tok say di new Olu get di support of di goment of Delta State.

Warri Traditional Council Of Chiefs bin announce oga Emiko as di Olu-designate on Monday 5 April, 2021.

Dis na di same day wey dem officially announce di death of His Majesty, Ogiame Ikenwoli, di former Olu Of Warri and declare three months mourning before di coronation of di new Olu.

Dis one mean say all adults for di Itsekiri Kingdom go wia dia clothes upside down.

Govnor Okowa for di meeting tok sorry give di Itsekiri pipo ova di loss of di Olu of Warri, Ogiame Ikenwoli wey im call “a king wey believe in peace”.

Di process to pick Olu for Warri include say afta dem don select am, dem go present di Olu give di Delta State Govnor wey go come present am with staff of office.


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