Olly Murs 'so proud' as girlfriend Amelia Tank wins bodybuilding competition

Olly Murs was bursting with pride as his bodybuilder girlfriend was crowned Pure Elite Pro UK champion.

Amelia Tank, 27 is a weight-lifter and muscle athlete who trained hard to retain her top spot at the competition in Margate yesterday.

Olly couldn’t contain his joy at her success, raising his arms in the air in glee and seeming even more excited than Amelia was.

He later shared images from the day with his followers on Instagram, writing, “Proud of ya darlin x Now let’s eat a McDonald’s on the way home to celebrate… my treat.”

The Voice judge, 37, previously explained how difficult Amelia’s journey had been up to this moment of triumph.

The couple celebrated after Amelia's win
The couple celebrated after Amelia Tank’s win

The 27-year-old trains twice a day, three times a week including weight lifting and high-intensity training.

He revealed that although Amelia has won the title of Pure Elite Pro Bikini before, she has never scooped the overall champion prize until now.

Olly said, “Undefeated-champ. 6 months work, show postponed, lockdown to deal with and she went and bloody did it! Lost for words!”

Amelia was also seen posing proudly with her crown and trophy.

The fitness-mad couple met in 2019 in the gym and started dating. Fans of the Dance With Me Tonight singer have been begging Olly to pop the question to Amelia, now the couple have been living together for just over a year.

Amelia posed proudly with her trophy
Amelia posed proudly with her crown and her trophy

One of the flamboyant outfits Amelia chose for the competition
One of the flamboyant outfits Amelia chose for the competition

During lockdown, they’ve shared many funny videos with fans. They’ve played practical jokes on each other, pranced around their kitchen, and Olly has even dressed up in drag.

But it sounds like their happy domestic life will soon be disrupted when Olly returns to the recording studio to create new music.

He joked to The Sun, “Amelia says she can’t wait for me to go out to work.

Amelia parades in front of the judges
Amelia parades in front of the judges

The competition was fierce
The competition was fierce and Amelia came out on top

He admitted that it will be a big adjustment to leave their house and start working on his career outside the home.

‘It’ll be a shock for us from a relationship perspective because she’s only known me to be at home, really, all the time,” he revealed.

‘If I’m going back on the road, getting back to work, TV work and stuff, it’s going to be crazy again and I don’t know what that will be like for us.’


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