Oliver Proudlock roasted by his wife as he tries to pronounce Scottish phrases

Made In Chelsea star Oliver Proudlock was roasted by his wife Emma Louise Connelly as he tried to pronounce the names of Scottish places.

The model, who was born in Bearsden, posted the hilarious video on Instagram, as she challenged her husband to say Scottish phrases and places in his best accent, all while wearing a ‘Jimmy hat’.

And to make it even funnier, Emma took a drink of water each time – which as you can imagine, resulted in her spitting it out with laughter.

In one part of the clip, Emma said: “I was actually born here and lived here until I was six.”

And Proudlock tried: “Bers-din, Bearsdeen… Bearsden? I lived in Birds Den.”

Emma then challenged her hubby to pronounce Scottish phrases.

The first one was ‘teuchter and then ‘dreich’.

Emma and her husband during the hilarious video.

And each time he tried, Emma burst into fits of laughter.

“It’s dead ‘Dracht oot there, it’s dead dreek. Dreich chhhhh.”

Then he tried to say: Bolt hen am oot wi the boys.”

Before then hilariously shouting: “Didyeaye?”

“Did yeee aye?”

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And there was water everywhere when Proudlock tried to say ‘Bahooky’ and as Emma spat out her drink, he added: “It’s a bit dreich in here!”

And the couple’s followers absolutely loved the video.

One said: “Why does he sound Russian?”

Another added: “This had me in actual tears.”

It all got too much for Emma

While one laughed: “Its proudlocks facial movements and mouth thats done me in.”

“Oh my gosh I am crying here.”

And one added: “The gift that keeps in giving.”

Emma and Proudlock tied the knot in a secret wedding ceremony in December.

The couple were previously forced to postpone their big day due to the uncertainties from the coronavirus pandemic.

But Emma, 29, revealed that the pair finally celebrated their wedding day on December 15.

Only 15 guests were allowed to attend the ceremony at St Albans Church in London due to Covid restrictions in England at the time.

Emma shared a series of beautiful snaps from their big day, with the caption: “Love wins! 15/12/20”.

Pictures show the pair holding hands as the Scots model dons a stunning lace wedding dress.

She added on Instagram : “I wish I had the words to describe this day, but I just don’t think they exist.“Love you an indescribable amount husband.”

“Love you an indescribable amount husband.”

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