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Energy provider Octopus Energy has announced its charging ‘roaming’ service Electric Juice, which gives access to charging points around the UK, has passed the 100,000 chargers mark for its entire network, which spans points in several European countries. The service offers electric-car drivers a single way to pay for all their charging, whether off-street, on-street or at public charging points.

Octopus partners with multiple charging networks so drivers are able to use their Octopus account to pay for a charging session at any of them, with the costs appearing on a single bill. Electric Juice is available to both existing Octopus Energy customers and all other electric-car drivers.

The service’s launch partner was, which offers charging points integrated in lamp-posts so those without off-street parking can charge at or near their homes. In October 2020, it was confirmed that the Franklin Energy LiFe, Hubsta, Alfa Power and Plug-N-Go networks would join the service, which also encompasses charging points on the Osprey (formerly Engenie) network.

In March 2021, the manufacturer-backed Ionity network of ultra-rapid chargers was added to the list, while in April 2021, NewMotion, incorporating Shell Recharge, became the latest provider to join Electric Juice. 

Electric Juice grew out of Octopus’ existing work with UK charging-point operators, many of whom it supplies electricity, analytics and time-of-use tariffs to. Commenting on the launch, Octopus founder and CEO Greg Jackson said: “Electric vehicle drivers have rightly long complained that public charge points can be a real hassle, and it’s hard to keep track of costs, as every network runs on a unique app or card basis.

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“Octopus’ Electric Juice Network doesn’t just consolidate charging costs, it adds them to your Octopus Energy bill if you’re an existing customer. For non-Octopus customers, you can still use the service to ensure you’re able to track (and pay) in one simple way.”


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