Obi lauds teachers’ contribution to education sector

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Former Anambra State Governor Peter Obi has described teachers’ roles and contributions to education system – in Nigeria and elsewhere – as invaluable, encouraging teachers to remain dedicated in their duties.

Obi, who lauded the International Teachers’ Day 2020, with the theme: Teachers Leading in Crisis, Reimagining the Future, noted that teaching has remained a noble profession through which men and women are moulded into responsible citizens to contribute to nation-building.

“We cannot over-emphasise the role of teachers in nation-building through their contributions to education, which has remained a very powerful tool in the war against poverty. It is my desire today to celebrate them and their noble profession,” Obi said.

The former governor decried the lack of attention to the education sector, which he said has resulted in poor teachers’ welfare in the country.

Recounting his experiences as a student, Obi said teachers used to be more influential and well respected in the society, which made the profession an admiration of many, in apparent contrast to what obtains currently.

“I remember how better off and well taken care of my teachers were, back in the days, which is in sharp contrast to what we see today. As an undergraduate, back then in University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), I placed an order for a vehicle, but it will surprise you to know that my order was delayed because the auto dealer wanted to fulfill the vehicle orders of teachers first.

“Today, I wonder how many teachers can still afford to buy cars. Our education sector needs urgent attention and teachers’ welfare needs to be prioritised due to the role they play,” Obi added.

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