Now that’s what I call a 1970s party | Brief letters

The Conservatives warned that if Jeremy Corbyn were elected prime minister he would take Britain back to the 1980s. With all the cheese and wine parties at Downing Street (Dominic Cummings makes new claim of party in No 10 garden in lockdown, 7 January), it seems as if Johnson is aiming for the 1970s.
Pete Lavender

Pots and kettles, worms not so much turning as performing pirouettes … Dominic Cummings leaves me breathless. He “claimed he warned at the time this appeared to be against the rules but it went ahead regardless”. Really?
Vivien Scorer
Southwell, Nottinghamshire

Elaine Yeo, a retired GP, writes a brief letter but delivers a big punch (Letters, 7 January): “I’ve long felt that general practice is an art – the art being when to use the science.” As a semi-retired psychoanalytic psychotherapist, I feel exactly the same. No matter what “the science” – the grand master of our times – prescribes, it always falls short of grasping the subtleties and paradoxes of human relationships.
Peter Wilson
Ashford, Kent

I remember as a child nightly praying for God to “lead us not into Thames station but deliver us from evil”, both of which he has subsequently failed to do (Letters, 7 January).
Richard McNicol
Malmesbury, Wiltshire

A year ago we were writing on the jam jar labels: “Marmalade 6-1-2021. Goodbye, Trump”. What should we write this year?
Muriel and Christopher Nankivell

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