No10 say PM's 'unpaid £335 debt' claim struck out after branding it 'spurious'

Number 10 say a county court judgement (CCJ) against Boris Johnson has been cancelled after Number 10 branded it “vexatious and spurious”.

Downing Street says lawyers successfully applied for the judgement, for an apparent unpaid debt of £535, to be set aside.

It was reported earlier that the CCJ followed a claim of defamation made against the Prime Minister six months ago – by a member of the public who is thought to have made multiple complaints against public institutions.

The unsatisfied judgement, initially obtained by Private Eye and seen by the Mirror in the register, showed that a claim against Mr Johnson was made online in October and the address used in court paperwork was 10 Downing Street.

A Number 10 spokesperson said: “The Judgment in Default has been set aside by the Court.”

Number 10 said the judgement had been set aside
Number 10 said the judgement had been set aside

They added that the “claim has been struck out, deemed ‘totally without merit’ and the Government awarded its costs”.

Setting aside a judgement of this kind usually requires an application to be filed to the court, followed by an in-person hearing.

The Mirror has asked which court struck out the claim, when the hearing took place, and who described the claim as “totally without merit” – a form of words previously used by the PM’s spokesman.


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