‘No COVID-19 tension in Anambra’

Robert Egbe

The Anambra State Government on Tuesday said there was no Coronavirus tension in the state following Governor Willie Obiano’s decision to self-isolate.

It said no case or suspected case of the virus, also known as COVID-19, had been recorded in the state.

Obiano, it added, was hale and hearty, but self-isolated in the overriding public interest and to show the public that COVID-19 was real.

The government, in a statement, described as “misleading” and “sensationalised” a news headline which suggested that Obiano’s action had put the state on edge.

“A lot of people have been calling to find out the true state of affairs in the state.

“The headline is, of course, misleading. There is no correlation between the headline and the body of the story. The story about the governor being in isolation was reported professionally, but the headline was totally different. There is absolutely no tension in Anambra State. Someone cast the headline without reading the story.

“Chief Willie Obiano is discharging his duties not just as Anambra State governor but also as chairman of the Anambra State Task Force on COVID-19. He is discharging both duties admirably,” it said

Anambra, the government explained, had taken “critical steps” to mitigate COVID-19, should it eventually get into the state.

It said it was the governor who called the media to his home country in Aguleri last Friday to tell them he had voluntarily gone into isolation following his own order to civil servants to stay at home for 14 days, an order which will expire on Thursday.

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Obiano’s act, it stated, was in line with the principles of transparency and accountability in govern

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It added: “We are proud of our record in tackling COVID-19. We are the first administration in Nigeria to call attention to the dangers of the virus when it broke out in China and followed it up by automating on January 15 a mechanism to handle not the coronavirus but also Lassa fever in the state. “Members of the Executive Council were subsequently sent to each of our 63 major markets, all motor parks and major hotels in the state to sensitize our people about the two viral outbreaks.

“Against this background, it is not strange that Anambra State has not recorded one incident of COVID-19, despite the fact that its people are easily the most travelled in West Africa and that it has some of the biggest open markets in West Africa.”



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