Nissan to create 6,200 UK jobs with £1billion electric car plan

CAR manufacturer Nissan is to create 6,200 jobs as part of its £1billion plan to build more electric cars.

It wants to build a giant battery plant with Chinese partners Envision AESC at its Sunderland factory that will power 100,000 vehicles a year.

Nassan will create 6,200 new jobs in the UK


Nassan will create 6,200 new jobs in the UKCredit: AFP

The new factory will create 1,500 jobs and 4,500 extra roles in the supply chain – expanding the workforce by 6,200 in total.

At least 900 of the roles will be with Nissan and 750 with battery-makers Envisions AESC.

Promise of new jobs comes as a relief as hundreds of workers lose roles in the retail industry due to the pandemic.

Today, clothing store GAP confirmed it will be closing all 81 branches in the UK and Ireland costing hundreds of jobs.

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It comes as new furlough rules kick in today, which could put thousands of jobs at risk.

There were fears car manufacturers, including Nissan, would leave the UK after it left the European Union.

During the UK’s negotiations with the EU, Nissan threatened to move its 35-year-old Sunderland factory in the case of a no-deal Brexit.

But it appears they were empty threats as it now looks to make it a hub for its electric vehicle.

The Prime Minster Boris Johnson has hailed the post-Brexit investment.

He said: “Nissan’s announcement to build its new-generation all-electric vehicle in Sunderland, alongside a new gigafactory from Envision AESC, is a major vote of confidence in the UK and our highly-skilled workers in the North East.

“This is a pivotal moment in our electric vehicle revolution and securing its future for decades to come.”

The battery plant will run on renewable energy and will be built on Nissan’s largest European factory.

Nissan is to spend up to £423million on an all-electric vehicle, while Sunderland City Council will help to bring the total amount of investment up to £1.0 billion.

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“This is a landmark day for Nissan, our partners, the UK and the automotive industry as a whole,” Nissan’s Chief Operating Officer Ashwani Gupta said at the unveiling of the EV36Zero project in Sunderland.

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