Nine-year-old girl who wrote a novel in lockdown gets her book published

Ellah hard at work (Picture: Vicki Ramsey/SWNS)

A nine-year-old girl who wrote a novel in lockdown has become one of the world’s youngest authors after getting her book published.

Ellah Louise Ramsey was inspired to write when her favourite author, Frank English, gave a talk at her school assembly.

In May, Ellah took it upon herself to write to Frank and send him a few chapters of the novel she was creating titled The Magic Whistle and the Tiny Bag of Wishes.

The 75-year-old loved the story so much he asked if he could co-author it with the youngster and get it published.

Young author Ellah Louise Ramsey and Frank English (Picture: Vicki Ramsey / SWNS)
She’s just nine years old (Picture: Vicki Ramsey / SWNS)

The pair spent three months emailing back and forth with chapters and edits until the first draft was ready in August.

Now, Ellah’s book is available at Waterstones and Amazon and has sold hundreds of copies already.

Ellah, from North Yorkshire, said: ‘I feel really proud of the book and I take really good care of it.

‘I will keep it forever and I think I will write forever, too.’

The authors (Picture: Vicki Ramsey / SWNS)
The story follows a schoolboy called Logan (Picture: Vicki Ramsey / SWNS)

The book, which is on sale for £9.99, tells the story of Logan who finds the confidence to challenge his school bullies and goes on to help others.

Frank, from Lancashire, says he remembered Ellah as being the only child to ask him a question in the assembly and was thrilled to receive her work.

The pair emailed edits back and forth in lockdown (Picture: Vicki Ramsey / SWNS)
The finished product (Picture: Vicki Ramsey / SWNS)

He said: ‘I really loved the book and wanted to publish it. I’ve worked with a few young authors and here was a youngster who obviously had talent, with the right support I knew she could go far.

‘When she first sent the story she had written three chapters, each six pages, that is a lot for someone of her age, but it is her descriptions in particular, the characters she decided upon and the story line which really stand out as unusual.

‘It isn’t just her writing but something in her personality – she cares and empathises. That is rare in young children and she is a very very quick learner.

‘Working with her I was thinking “has she become my editor?” It made my hackles prickle. I realised I’d got something magic here.’

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