Nigerian witch doctor gets mate to shoot him to prove his ‘bullet-proof’ charms worked… but gets killed

A NIGERIAN witch doctor was shot dead on Tuesday while testing a charm that he claimed would make him bullet-proof.

Chinaka Adoezuwe, 26, had prepared the ‘Odieshi’ amulet for a young client in the village of Umuozu Ugiri Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State.

 The witch doctor believed his amulet would work
The witch doctor believed his amulet would work

But when the sceptical punter refused to wear it, he put it round his own neck and handed the man a gun to prove that it worked.

A police spokesman in the south-eastern state of Imo said: “Tragedy struck – the murder suspect is now in our custody.”

Villager Kingsley Ugochukwu told local newspaper, The Punch, that a man named as Chukwudi Ijezie is currently in custody as police investigate.

Reports indicate initially Adoezuwe had instructed Ijezie to be the test dummy to show the amulet actually worked but he doubted it would work and refused.

 Skyline image of corrugated iron roofs typical of the ancient city of ibadan

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Skyline image of corrugated iron roofs typical of the ancient city of ibadan

Adoezuwe, confident of his powers, said that he would put the charm around his neck and allow Ijezie to fire a gun at him.

Adoezuwe was shot dead.

A villager told the paper: “A young man had gone to a native doctor to prepare bullet-proof charms for him, which the native doctor did.

“After preparing it, the native doctor asked his customer to position himself very well so that he could test the efficacy or otherwise of the charms, but his customer refused.

 Lagos Port Complex, Nigeria

Getty – Contributor

Lagos Port Complex, Nigeria

“But to prove the efficacy of the new charms, the native doctor handed over a gun to his customer to test-run the charm.

“Tragedy struck and the bullets penetrated Adoezuwe, resulting in his death.”

Ijezie has now been arrested, the police confirmed.

A spokesman said: “The suspect is in our custody.

“It is a case of murder.

“The Isiala Mbano division of the Command has moved in, arrested the suspect and returned normalcy to the area.

“The case will be transferred to the State Criminal and Investigation Department in Owerri for thorough investigation.”

In January, a traditional healer was arrested after a man who drank his “bullet-repelling” potion was fatally blasted.

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