Nigeria: Govt Prioritises Security in Rail Sector, Introduces Scanners

With the inauguration of the Warri Itakpe rail station in Agbor, Delta State, due in a few days, President Muhammadu Buhari and the Minister of Transport, Honorable Rotimi Chibuke Amaechi, have prioritised the security of passengers and others with the introduction of top notch security baggage scanners in railway transportation across the country.

The Warri Itakpe station, connecting Kogi, Edo and Delta States, has been slated for inauguration on Tuesday, September 29, in fulfillment of the promises of the administration to deliver on some of its big projects in infrastructure before the end of the year.

To complement the initiative, the Nigerian Railway has successfully installed world class security baggage scanners with super high speed electronic digital passenger screening point and notification sign across the railway station IDU terminal and more.

Identified as the first of its kind with a unique design technology worldwide, the ASNL TB 100/100 has the capacity to scan through luggage at same speed, processing and breaking down all contents packed at the fastest advanced inbuilt technology.

These scanners also have inbuilt display detection system for safety and suspected dangerous substance.

Also, its high-speed detection system is at five seconds per luggage with video image CT of detecting objects for analysing and tracing, assisted by an easy wheel for movement with programmed lock for and against vandals.

With this development, it is safe to say the authorities in the transportation ministry have made the safety of Nigerians in the railway system important to the government.