Nigeria be Failed State?

Nigeria be Failed State?

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Di Nigerian goment say anyone wey declare di kontri as failed state sake of di security wahala wey e dey face, no get common sense.

Di Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Muhammed yarn dis one as e react to wetin Council on Foreign Affairs for US tok about Nigeria.

E say Nigeria dey at a point of no return wit all di signs of a failed state.

Na former U.S ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell and president Emeritus of World Peace Foundation, Robert Rotberg na dem give di report

But oga Lai say di fact say Nigeria di face security mata and e dey do everytin to tackle am, no make am a failed state

and dat even though di Council for Foreign Relations na prominent top US policy tThink Tank, dia opinion no reflect dat of di United states.

Oga Muhammed further explain give say di criteria for failed states, Nigeria neva meet am and so dem no go fit term am as failed state.

Campbel Doomsday Prediction go fail

Di minister say no be di first time wey di diplomat di predict say di kontri go fail or break up

and dat dem even say di kontri go break up for 2015

But dia doomsday predictions don fail again.

Wetin be Failed State?

Dia is no agreed definition of waiting a failed state mean but most dey for kontri wey dem declare as failed state.

But according to Fund For Peace wey di responsible to produce di fragile state index, failed state na kontri wey no fit perform two functions-

one e no fit project authority over im territory and people and e no fit protect im national boundaries.

Dis one mean say if any kontri no fit fulfil di administrative and organisation task to provide minimum public service to di pipo and wey di pipo no longer believe dia goment dey legit.

Failing states na product of collapse of di power structure of a country wey suppose support law wey automatically fit trigger internal violence.

di Primary condition wey di make pipo refer to a state as failed na

  • if di kontri lack kontrol over im armed forces, militias
  • Lack control over territory within national borders
  • Failure to provide public services
  • High level corruption for goment
  • High level of refugees wey wan leave di kontri
  • Poor functioning economy
  • internal collapse of law and order


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