Nigel Farage wants to rebrand Brexit Party as anti-lockdown group Reform UK


igel Farage wants to rebrand the Brexit Party as Reform UK and “become a voice” for lockdown skeptics during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Brexit Party fought 275 seats and took two per cent of votes but did not succeed in electing an MP in the 2019 general election.

It will now broaden its agenda to include campaigning against measures imposed by the UK Government, as well as seeking “reform” in other areas. 

He said: “As promised, we continue to keep a very close eye on the Government’s trade negotiations with the EU, to ensure a proper Brexit.

“Further reform in many other areas is also vital for our nation’s future.”

He later tweeted: “There is now a political choice on lockdown and we wait to see whether we get a genuine Brexit. Beyond that, our whole system of government is not working and needs wholesale reform.”

<p>Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage enjoys a pint in The &nbsp;while on the campaign trail for the Brexit Party ahead of the General Election.</p>

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage enjoys a pint in The  while on the campaign trail for the Brexit Party ahead of the General Election.

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In a message from a hotel lobby in Washington DC, where he has been following Donald Trump on his presidential campaign, Mr Farage said that there was “no political voice” for people frustrated at lockdown measures in the UK but that “may change very soon”.

He said: ”At least in America they have a choice [over lockdown]… I’ve had enough of lockdown. They are almost putting us back in house arrest in terms of traveling.

“Whether a miracle vaccine is round the corner I’m skeptical that people will take it because it’s so new.

“Do we as a country continue to go bankrupt, continue to see suicides spike, have millions unemployed? Or do we say we have no choice but to live with this? This second lockdown says to me that the cure is now worse than the disease.”

Hundreds of thousands of pounds have reportedly been pledged already to the party, with some Conservatives anxious about Reform UK capitalising on anti-lockdown sentiment in Tory heartlands.

Chairman Richard Tice added: “The need for major reform in the UK is clearer now than ever.

“A new approach is essential, so that government works for the people, not for itself. The most urgent issue is a new coronavirus strategy, so that we learn to live with it, not hide in fear of it.”

Mr Farage said in December that the party could become the “reform party” if the UK leaves the EU on January 31.

He revealed he had already registered the name as he added it would “have to campaign to change politics for good”.

Mr Farage returned the praise to Mr Trump, describing him as the “single most resilient and bravest person I have ever met in my life”, to a cacophony of cheers from the crowd.


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