Nicole Brown kept diary of physical abuse at hands of OJ Simpson

Nicole Brown kept diaries of the abuse she experienced (Picture: Vinnie Zuffante/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

Nicole Brown Simpson wrote about 60 occasions that her husband OJ Simpson allegedly physically abused and threatened her throughout their marriage in her diaries.

The 35-year-old was murdered at her home along with her friend Ron Goldman on June 12, 1994, two years after her divorce from Simpson – who was acquitted of the murders in a criminal trial but was found responsible for both deaths in a civil suit.

And in a new documentary, the abuse Brown experienced in her marriage is laid bare as her secret diaries are found.

According to Mail Online, Brown wrote about first being hit by Simpson in 1978, writing in her diary that he ‘‘threw me on floor hit me kicked me’ and, after going to a hotel, ’continued to beat me for hours as I kept crawling for the door’.

The handwritten diary entries feature in the Investigation Discovery documentary OJ and Nicole: An American Tragedy, which is set to air on October 3 – the 25th anniversary of OJ’s acquittal.

Nicole’s sister Tanya Brown says in the film: ‘Maybe she knew this was her destiny and maybe subconsciously she knew something was going to happen. Maybe that’s why she kept real detailed diary entries.’

Nicole had two children with OJ (Picture: Barry King/WireImage)

In an incident attributed to 1988, Brown wrote that her husband ‘put bruises on my arm and backs’, while an entry in 1986 read: ‘(Simpson) beat me up so bad at home. Tore my blue sweater and blue socks completely off me. Went to hospital on Wilshire, pretended it was a bicycle accident.’

Another undated entry claims that Simpson ‘smashed [Brown’s] car with baseball bat after visiting Tommy Hughes’, with Brown writing: ‘I was too afraid to get out of the car. He did it because I was late, about 7-8pm.’

The documentary also features LAPD officer John Edwards recalling a visit to Simpson’s house in 1989 after receiving a 911 call from Brown.

He says: ‘A woman came running out, a tall blonde woman, and she was yelling “he’s gonna kill me”. I said who? She said: “OJ”. I said “OJ Simpson?” She said: “You’ve been up here eight times already and you’ve done nothing about it.”’

Edwards testified during Simpson’s murder trial that Brown ‘collapsed on me’ and had a cut on her upper lip, a swollen forehead and a black eye.

OJ was acquitted of the murders in the Trial of the Century (Picture: VINCE BUCCI/AFP via Getty Images)

He said: ‘I could see on her face she had a mark like a hiking boot, she looked like she’d been kicked in the head.

‘I look over my head and here comes OJ Simpson right to where the gate is and he’s yelling, I mean screaming: “I don’t want you around here any more. I got two women, I don’t want you around here any more.”’

Simpson was arrested for spousal battery and later pleaded no contest to the charges.

Brown filed for divorce three years later in 1992 but they got back together, and in 1993, she made another 911 call, saying she was scared Simpson was ‘going to beat the s*** out of me’.

The following year, Brown – who shared children Sydney and Justin with OJ – was found brutally murdered at her home, with Simpson being tried for her and Goldman’s deaths in what was called the Trial Of The Century.

Brown’s diary entries and statements she made to family and friends about the alleged domestic violence were planned to be presented in the trial, but were ruled inadmissible as hearsay as Brown could not be cross-examined.

The former American football star was found not guilty of the murders in October 1995, but in February 1997, a jury unanimously found Simpson guilty for Brown and Goldman’s deaths after the victims’ families filed a civil lawsuit.

Simpson has failed to pay most of the damages of $33.5 million (£26m), and was released from prison in 2017 after serving nine years in prison for a robbery in Las Vegas in 2007.

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