Nicola McLean reignites feud with Imogen Thomas after branding her 'rude'

Nicola McLean rekindled her feud with Imogen Thomas, saying she is the ‘rudest’ celebrity she’s ever met, sparking Imogen to accuse her of using her for ‘publicity’

Nicola McLean appears to have rekindled her feud with Imogen Thomas, who she branded “rude”.

The reality TV star, 39, was asked who the rudest celebrity she’d ever met was, and she named Big Brother 2006 contestant Imogen, but said she didn’t know if Imogen counted as a celeb.

Imogen, 38, hit back at the dig on her Instagram Stories, accusing Nicola of bringing up her name for “publicity”.

Nicola had opened up her Instagram messages to take questions from her fans, with one asking: “Apart from Kim Woodburn, who is the rudesr celeb you’ve met?”

She replied: “Ohhhh most people are nice!

Nicola McLean appears to have rekindled a feud with Imogen Thomas



“Imogen Thomas was rude but is she a celeb?”

Shortly after, Imogen posted a picture of herself relaxing at a spa and appeared to hit back at Nicola in the caption.

The snap showed her wearing a white dressing gown while sat on a sun-lounger next to a pool.

“Using my name for publicity again,” Imogen captioned the photo. “Sad.”

“Be kind hun,” Imogen added, alongside an emoji of a woman blowing a kiss.

Nicola branded Imogen ‘rude’



The Mirror has contacted reps for Imogen and Nicola and is awaiting comment.

Among the other questions she answered from her fans, Nicola revealed that the most famous person in her phonebook is Eamonn Holmes.

She also said she isn’t planning on having any more children and admitted that she doesn’t think she is famous.

Nicola also said she is looking forward to July 19, which is when the remaining lockdown restrictions are due to be lifted.

Nicola questioned if Imogen is a ‘celeb’



She told a fan: “I can’t wait! I feel sorry for the kids and how much they have missed.”

Nicola and Imogen have a long-standing feud that goes back years.

In 2011, when Nicola was appearing in Celebrity Big Brother, Imogen branded her “fake” and accused Nicola of talking about her behind her back.

Imogen had tweeted: “Just watching cbb catch up. I love Natalie Cassidy and her task. ‘Wag’ Nicola McLean is a fake.”

Imogen accused Nicola of using her for ‘publicity’



She added: “I’ve not slammed any1. I called Nicola a fake (which is true) Slags off every celeb then comes face 2 face and doesn’t say anythin! #strange [sic].”

The TV star went on: “Why should I let these ‘so called celebs’ slag me off & not say anythin? I will stick up for myself ‘when i can’! [sic].”

Imogen then deleted the tweets saying she didn’t want to give Nicola any more publicity.

Nicola later responded by calling Imogen a “lying s**g”.


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