'NHS will give gift of life if politicians and public give the tools and funds'

The potential cure for a spinal disorder killing hundreds of babies gives hope to families, is a victory for science and a huge tribute to the NHS.

Without the NHS, nearly all parents would be unable to afford a drug listed by the manufacturer as costing £1.79million per dose.

This includes people such as plasterer Reece Morgan, whose son Arthur was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy and is the first in England to receive Zolgensma.

Funded by us all through taxation, so that medical care is free for everybody who needs help, the NHS is socialism in action.

After the rapid development of vaccines against Covid-19, the US gene therapy is further proof that medical science is an overwhelming force for good.

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Five-month old Arthur Morgan with his father Reece Morgan
Five-month old Arthur Morgan with his father Reece Morgan

Babies born with Type 1 spinal muscular atrophy, the most common form, suffer progressive muscle weakness and have a life expectancy of just two years.

Scientists and the NHS will give us the gift of life if politicians and the public give them the tools and funds to do the job.

Move forward

Talk of a possible Covid third wave no longer feels as threatening as the first and second because the rollout of successful jabs has changed the battle.

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As the Government weighs up the pros and cons of seriously relaxing or ending restrictions in England on June 21 – with other UK nations moving at their own speeds – public health officials and Treasury economists must be free to speak their minds.

Whatever happens, the sunny Bank Holiday weekend showed that millions of people are eager to enjoy life once again.

Biden benefit

Why isn’t the Government backing Joe Biden’s 21% global minimum corporation tax, which would raise £14.7billion to fund the NHS and the care system?

If it’s because wealthy Tory donors don’t like it, we deserve to be told.


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