New Super Nintendo World images reveal Toad and Peach mascots

Hopefully she doesn’t get kidnapped here too (Pic: ThemeparX)

More pictures of the Super Nintendo World theme park reveal some previously unseen details, including Toad and Peach mascots.

Earlier this month, creator Shigeru Miyamoto himself hosted a short tour around the Super Nintendo World theme park coming to Universal Studios Japan.

As eye-opening as it was, it didn’t reveal everything that fans can look forward to experiencing.

But while the park’s not due to open until February 2021, specially selected guests were able to enjoy a preview of it for themselves.

Various photos taken of the park have been uploaded to social media and compiled on forum site ThemeparX for everyone else to peruse.

Most of the pictures are exterior shots of the park, so they don’t reveal much that wasn’t already known from previous photos and the tour video.

But we can glean a couple of new, neat details. For starters, Mario and Luigi won’t be the only mascot characters that visitors can interact with.

Hopefully, other fan-favourites like Daisy and Wario will make appearances too (Pic: ThemeparX)

Both Princess Peach and Toad will make appearances at the park, with the former spotted inside a white gazebo of some kind, which is adorned with a heart pattern. Maybe, rather than wander around the park, she’ll only be found at this specific location.

The Toad mascot is noticeably stockier than how the character normally looks in the game, though it is otherwise an accurate depiction.

A couple of photos may also show other parts of the Bowser’s Castle area that weren’t shown in the tour video.

Specifically, there is a statue of Bowser Jr, holding his trademark paintbrush that he’s owned since his debut in Super Mario Sunshine.

Makes sense for Bowser to give his progeny his own statue (Pic: ThemeparX)
‘Sorry, no Marios allowed’ (Pic: ThemeparX)

A crude drawing of Mario was spotted on one of the walls too, no doubt meant to have been made by Bowser Jr himself. It’s a little touch that adds a bit more character to the park.

There are plans to open similar Nintendo parks in America and Singapore, but those don’t have opening dates yet.

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