Home gaming New State of Play rumoured for early August, more PS5 news expected

New State of Play rumoured for early August, more PS5 news expected

New State of Play rumoured for early August, more PS5 news expected

How much longer will Sony stay quiet about pricing? (pic: Sony)

There are still many details we don’t know about the PlayStation 5, so fans are hoping we’ll learn more at a rumoured event in August.

Following Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase, where the company revealed a bunch of its upcoming exclusives like Halo Infinite and Fable, eyes are now on rival Sony.

Despite finally unveiling the PlayStation 5 console and many of its own exclusive games, Sony has still been quiet about a number of details, namely the console’s features, when it will release, and how much it will cost.

There have been plenty of rumours regarding these details and we were able to see the console’s new controller, the DualSense, in action recently, but Sony has yet to give any indication of when it will be talking about the PlayStation 5 again.

It’s now believed that Sony will be holding a new State of Play next month, something that was suggested by VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb.

On Twitter, Grubb shared his schedule of upcoming events, which includes already confirmed ones like DC FanDome and the now online-only Gamescom.

Grubb initially listed the next State of Play as taking place in August, but didn’t mention any specific date.

When asked whether people should look into this, Grubb responded with ‘A tiny bit, yes. But still not certain, so no date,’ which suggests that, if there is an event planned, it’s not entirely set in stone and could be moved.

Grubb now has the event set between two others that are taking place on 5 August and 11 August, implying that the current plan is for the State of Play to happen sometime between 6 and 10 August.

Grubb had previously stated that the PlayStation 5 would be revealed on 4 June, which would have happened had the reveal not been delayed to the 11 June, so he has proven to be a trustworthy source before.

It would make sense for Sony to provide further information on the console sooner rather than later, as it’s still scheduled to release later this year.

But with both Sony and Microsoft seemingly refusing to discuss a specific release date or price for their respective consoles, it does almost feel like the two companies are playing a game of chicken with each other.

The PlayStation 5 is scheduled to release this year in time for Christmas.

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