New Star Wars game already underway at Squadrons developer EA Motive

Star Wars: Squadrons – is a sequel already underway? (pic: EA)

Squadrons will not be the only Star Wars game that EA Motive make, as they also reveal they’re working on an original new IP.

Star Wars: Squadrons was an unusual game in many ways. It was relatively short, sold at a semi-budget price, and had unashamedly complex gameplay in a fairly niche genre – not something you’d expect from EA and one of the biggest media licences in the world.

Another curious thing about it is that, despite all the potential, there are no plans for any major DLC (just some cosmetic trinkets to tie-in to The Mandalorian), with developer Motive saying that the game is purposefully designed to be one and done. Which, again, is not what you’d expect from EA.

We speculated before that they might instead decide to go straight to a new sequel and that now looks like a distinct possibility, as they’re certainly working on something new that’s Star Wars related.

Once again, job ads have revealed information a company would never normally talk about this early, with one listing for a software developer revealing that, ‘The team is starting immediately on an upcoming Star Wars action game and will also be building original IP.’

There’s nothing there to say it is a sequel to Squadrons, but it would be very strange if they were to suddenly abandon all that newly gained experience in order to do something completely different.

That’s especially true if they’ve also greenlit a second project that’s a new IP, although what that might be is a complete mystery.

Motive’s only previous work was on the story campaign in Star Wars: Battlefront 2, although they were originally founded with the intention of creating new IP as well as working on licensed products.

Star Wars: Squadrons is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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