New Range Rover or Kingsley Cars Classic Range Rover Restomod at £125k to beat ULEZ …

Kingsley Cars Classic Range Rover Restomod

Kingsley Cars Classic Range Rover Restomod

Kingsley Cars are offering a Restomod take on the Classic Range Rover, with modern build and tech and ULEZ exempt at £125k.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Sadiq Khan has extended the London ULEZ zone right out to the North and South Circular, adding a £12.50 charge (and much more for commercial vehicles) for most diesels made before 2015 and most petrols from before 2006.

The move, apart from aiming to clean a wider area of London from emissions, is designed to get drivers to swap their ‘polluting’ cars for something new – and preferably electric – to avoid the charge. But there is another option.

Classic Cars – defined, on a rolling basis, as anything over 40-years old – are exempt from ULEZ charges, so instead of opting for a new EV you could opt instead for a big V8-powered something from 1981 or earlier. Like a Classic Range Rover.

Aiming to cash in on the new ULEZ charges, classic car specialist Kingsley Cars are pushing their Restomod of the Classic Range Rover as the perfect alternative to a new Range Rover – and at a similar £125k price – all sorted for modern driving and delivering far more ‘Cool’ than a new Range Rover can.

Kinsgley takes a Classic Range Rover, strip it, re-weld it, rust-proof it, upgrade its brakes, wheels and suspension and deliver a choice of 220bhp 4.0-litre V8 or 270bhp 4.6-litre V8 – both with fuel injection – to deliver a Classic Range Rover better built than the original and able to cope with the rigours of modern roads and driving.

You can also add stuff like modern power steering, parking sensors, cameras, LED headlights and more depending on how techy you want your Classic RR.

Prices start at £125k – much the same as a well-specced high-end new Range Rover – although you can spend far more by adding extra goodies.


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