New Pokémon teased in frankly rather creepy found footage video

A new Pokémon has been teased via a scary found footage video tape released in time for Halloween.

Supposedly this is a promotional trailer for next year’s much-anticipated Pokémon Legends: Arceus. But really, it feels more like Pokémon’s take on Blair Witch. Lavender Town was nothing on this.

The footage, which looks like it was recorded on a shaky old VCR camera, shows vague shapes moving in the background while someone narrates what they can see. And then… it doesn’t end well.

“Is that – a Pokémon? Is that a Growlithe? No, a Vulpix? No, it’s not that either,” the person recording the footage says.

“The tip of its tail is red and swaying… Oh! I think it’s turning this way!

“It’s adorable… The white fur on top of its head and around its neck is so fluffy… Its eyes are round and yellow…

“Wh-what’s that?! Gwaaah! [muffled noises of distress, tape goes silent].”

Yes, I’m pretty sure I just heard a Pokémon kill a man.

Fans have various theories on what the new Pokémon might be, but it seems likely this is a new species (or new Hisuian form of an existing Pokémon) which will debut in Arceus next year.

Earlier this month, we got confirmation of the game’s Monster Hunter-like structure. The game’s word will feature various large areas for you to go battle big creatures – before returning to your hub to retool and heal.


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