New Mini Electric revealed as affordable Brit-built EV

The firm insists that the compact battery and modest range results in a car that rides and handles like a Mini should. The standard car’s three driving modes – Green, Mid and Sport – are retained, while there is a new, more effective traction control system, dubbed ARB, that is said to stop the front wheels spinning power away or losing grip before it happens.

The Mini Electric’s exterior styling sees the three-door Mini adapted with unique details rather than receive a totally new look. Product manager Chris Himsworth told Autocar that the decision to adapt an existing shape rather than do something unique was always the intention. “We always wanted this car to look conventional,” he said. 

“Other EVs can be quite polarising, and the customers are put off by the design. But we’re hoping the familiar character of the Mini, combined with the benefits of electric drive, will be a strong draw. Customers can make their Mini Electric stand out more or less by their choice of colour and wheel combinations.” 

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The standout change at the front is the grille, a blanked-out grey and yellow design that adds 17mm to the length of the car thanks to pedestrian safety regulations. The brighter hue, dubbed Energetic Yellow, is optional and can be added to the grille, door mirror caps and wheels, as is the case in these pictures. The AC and DC charging ports are located where the fuel filler cap would otherwise be. 

Also new is the front bumper design with a splitter element, while the rear bumper is redesigned as it no longer needs to accommodate the exhaust. The distinctive wheel design of the model in the pictures is designed to look like a British plug socket, although a variety of more conventional designs are available. 


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