New Mercedes EQ E saloon, EQ E SUV and EQ S SUV confirmed

Mercedes-Benz has officially announced it will add a new EQ E saloon as well as higher riding EQ E SUV and EQ S SUV models to its pure electric EQ sub-brand line-up.

The three new EQ models, confirmed by the German car maker in an investor conference on Tuesday, have been conceived around Mercedes-Benz’s dedicated EVA (electric vehicle architecture) platform, the same structure set to underpin the upcoming EQ S saloon currently undergoing the final phase of development ahead of a planned UK introduction during the second half of 2021.

In addition to the trio of new EQ models, Mercedes-Benz also confirmed a new dedicated electric car platform for compact and medium sized models called the MMA will go into production in 2025.

It also confirmed long running rumours suggesting it would create a new sub-brand out of its iconic G-class off-roader. “The demand for the G is ahead of current capacity,” it said, adding, “The legend will grow”.

It says plans for the electrification of AMG models will begin in 2021 and that the Maybach line-up will double in size. In a move that is set to significantly increase its number of electrified models, Mercedes-Benz also announced all three sub-brands – AMG, Maybach and G – “will go electric”. 

The addition of the EQ E saloon and SUV- as reported by Autocar earlier this year – and EQ S SUV extends the planned EQ line-up to eight models in combination with existing EQ C and EQ V as well as the upcoming EQ A, EQ B and EQ S saloon.

Mercedes-Benz’s sibling company Smart, which is 50 per cent owned by Chinese car maker Geely, also produces pure electric versions of the Fortwo, Fortwo Cabriolet and ForFour hatchback.

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Mercedes-Benz chairman, Ola Kallenius, previously announced the company will spend up to €10 billion to establish a ten-strong EQ model line-up by the end of 2025.

During the investor conference, Mercedes-Benz released a marketing video of prototype versions of the EQ S saloon, EQ E saloon and EQ S SUV undergoing testing in the Black Forest region of Germany.

In the video , Mercedes-Benz’s vice president of electric vehicle architecture and EQ vehicles, Christoph Starzynski, describes the EQ E, which is planned for launch in 2022, as a “business limousine of the future” that is “slightly smaller than the EQ S”.

In the first official acknowledgement of the Tesla Model X rival, Starzynski says: “We can also go bigger with our platform. The EQ S SUV coming in 2022.”



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