New game ‘Smashing Karens’ aims to raise money for poor minority neighbourhoods

The man behind the Karen smashing game (Picture: SWNS)

A new phone game allows users to bash ‘Karens’ while supporting impoverished minority neighbourhoods across the US.

The ‘Smashing Karens’ game pokes fun at the stereotype of a white, middle-aged, bob haircut sporting, manager-demanding character that has become the source of much derision.

Gamers can take a pop at Karens on their screens and prevent them from getting at glasses of wine and expired coupons.

The name Karen is used in modern memes and social media platforms to describe a white woman who uses her privilege to demand what she wants at the expense of others.

The creator of the app, 31-year-old, Archie Wayne III, says he hopes to highlight societal issues behind the infamous persona in a humorous way.

Archie, from St Louis, Missouri said: ‘In a society where people are selling postcards of them pointing guns at African Americans, as well as selling packs of candy that refer to the killing of an unarmed black teenager, I think it’s OK to have a little fun at the expense of a Karen or two.

‘With all of the injustice that has occurred in this country, even just in St. Louis these past few years, I wanted to poke fun and point out a problem in a light-hearted way.’

Go on, smash that Karen (Picture: SWNS)

Racial elements are also part of the game.

‘You hear about her screaming at managers over expired coupons, calling cops, making racist comments, and so on,’ said Archie.

‘It’s only fair if we can poke fun to point out these issues.’

The game includes custom-designed emojis that are meant to represent the Karens of this world.

The objective is to tap your finger and ‘smash’ Karen before she climbs to the bottom of your cellphone screen.

‘The entire game is just a list of funny observations about Karens,’ said Archie, who began creating the game in January and launched the app November 13, 2020.’

No time for your white tears, Karen (Picture: SWNS)

‘I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and to create my own apps,’ he continued.

‘Growing up where I was raised, there’s a fork in the road, you can go one way or another, and I chose to focus on school and staying out of trouble.

‘This game is a satire that isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. I kept it clean and I wanted to make it fun while still portraying a message that is important to me.’

The game is currently only available for androids but Archie intends to expand it to IOS as well.

It costs $0.99 (72p) and its profits are invested into impoverished minority neighbourhoods across the country.

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