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New Decade, New Design: The Top Print Marketing Trends of the Last 10 Years

Print Marketing Trends of the Last 10 Years

Whether you are new to the advertising industry or are an experienced printer yourself, it’s important to know what sort of useful printing trends have come and gone. After all, their successes could help you to build up your own unique marketing campaigns.

Take a look at these trends that have made their mark in marketing over the last 10 years. They are bound to leave you feeling more than a little impressed. Read on to learn more!


Naturally, if you’re going to learn about marketing trends, then you need to learn about how you are going to navigate your Twitter advertisements. If you want to be subtle, then you may want to follow the previous example hashtags, like the #LikeAGirl campaign for Always back in 2013.

This advertisement campaign tried to encourage younger girls (aged 16-24) to try something different and regain their confidence. The #LikeAGirl campaign empowered young women and encouraged them to try out different sports to get them involved. This positive message was easily spread around Twitter and, in turn, advertised Always’ hygiene products.

Try your best to utilise your business social media accounts, especially on Twitter and Instagram. They are a great way to spread your e-commerce products.

Blunt Data

You cannot forget about using poster advertising to help with your marketing. Whether you want to use bus advertisements or smaller posters from one of the best prints and printer specialists such as Duplo International, Spotify flipped the idea of the creative poster on its head.

In their marketing campaign of 2016, they led a global campaign that used their users’ behaviour and brand’s statistics. This meant that big data was incorporated with a creative twist, with Spotify’s marketing team using witty slogans like “3,749 people streamed “It’s the end of the world as we know it” on the day of the Brexit vote.”

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By incorporating customer statistics, Spotify gained an emotive insight into the daily lives of their consumers. This helped them to relate and gain interest and attention.

Interactive Marketing

As a new decade welcomes us, it’s important that you make your marketing as interactive as possible. Any prints you make should still include ways to become interactive to viewers. Consider, for example, where the advertisement will be seen online.

Some of the most powerful campaigns include interactive elements that can keep your audience watching your videos and reading your posts for longer. Nowadays, you can see that in most game advertisements, where you can play snippets of the game for around 15 seconds before you can click off the advertisements. However, one of the originals was “Penny the Pirate”, which was an advertisement used to address children’s fear of optometrists.

There was also a downloadable virtual medical book that could be used to test a child’s eye health as the book was read. Not only was this tome completely free, it reportedly led to an increase in eye tests for children. Around 300,000 children were provided with eye tests, which also increased the sale of children’s eyewear sales for OPSM. This form of marketing is fun and a great way to make your brand stand out, whether it is printed off or seen online.

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