New Britney Spears documentary claims dad Jamie ‘recorded bedroom conversations’

Controlling Britney Spears focuses on the pop icon’s conservatorship, and alleged her dad Jamie Spears had an audio recorder placed in her bedroom

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Britney vs Spears trailer released by Netflix

Britney Spears’ dad Jamie Spears allegedly recorded bedroom conversations during her controversial conservatorship, a new documentary has claimed.

Fans of the pop icon were surprised when the filmmakers behind the Framing Britney Spears documentary released a follow-up, Controlling Britney Spears, on Friday.

Focusing on the alleged “intense surveillance apparatus that monitored every move the pop star made”, the new documentary featured explosive allegations aimed at Britney’s father, who they claimed had his daughter under constant surveillance.

Alex Vlasov, who previously worked at Black Box Security Inc, claimed he worked with Edan Yemini, head of the Toxic hitmaker’s security company from 2012 to 2021.

He alleged an audio recorder was placed in the singer’s bedroom, picking up private conversations between Britney and her children, sons Sean Preston, 16, and Jayden, 15, as well as her fiance Sam Asghari.

He claimed the audio recording device captured over 180 hours of audio, and he was asked to delete the audio by Yemini and another member of the security team, but he felt obliged to keep a copy of the request because “I did not want to be complicit in whatever they were involved in”.

It has been alleged that Jamie requested an audio recording device in his daughter’s bedroom


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Britney was reportedly unaware of the 24-hour surveillance


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Alex said he questioned his boss over the unusual security measures in place, which saw Britney monitored for 24 hours a day, and he was told that it was part of the conservatorship.

He also said he has evidence to support his allegations, and he said that Britney’s security boss Yemini was “relieved” when the first film Framing Britney Spears didn’t mention any of the surveillance measures.

According to Alex, Britney’s phone was monitored, meaning the security team had constant access to her private messages, FaceTime calls, and photographs she had taken.

He also claimed conversations between Britney and her former lawyer Sam Ingham were monitored, and he was allegedly aware his interactions with his client were being watched.

“If there’s anybody that should be off limits, it should be Britney’s lawyer,” he said during the film, adding that he was uncomfortable with the level of surveillance.

Private conversations between Britney and fiance Sam Asghari were allegedly recorded


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Interactions between Britney and her two sons, Sean and Jayden, were also allegedly captured by the recording device



“Her own phone and her own private conversations were used so often to control her,” Alex added, noting that Jamie would allegedly “confront” Britney over messages she had sent.

“Just because you’re in control doesn’t give you the right to treat people like property. It doesn’t feel like she was treated like a human being,” he fired.

A lawyer for Yemini said in a statement that his security firm Black Box have “always conducted themselves within professional, ethical and legal bounds, and they are particularly proud of their work in keeping Ms Spears safe for many years.”

While lawyers for Jamie Spears denied he had access to her “calls, voicemail messages, or texts”, and his actions “were done with the knowledge and consent of Britney, her court-appointed attorney and/or the court”.

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