Netflix down: Streaming site and app not working as strange error message appears

Netflix appears to be down for some of its users, leaving users unable to watch TV shows or films.

People attempting to tune in across the world were unable to use the site properly, according to reports on social media and tracking websites.

Instead, they could only see an error code, reading: “ui 800 3”.

Problems were particularly focused in Europe but were reported across the world, according to tracking website Down Detector.

While the main Netflix page loaded as normal – so users could see the site’s catalogue of videos – actually trying to watch the TV shows or films was not possible.

Not all users may get the same error. When The Independent attempted to access the site, a long number showed, along with a message reading “oops, something went wrong”.

“There was an unexpected error,” the error page read. “Please reload the page and try again.”

Some users appeared to be able to load the site as normal. It was not clear what decided whether it would appear, or if there was any fix.

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