Neil exposes Corbyn for pledging BILLIONS in unaffordable plans 'Can't say how you'd pay'

The Veteran BBC broadcaster grilled the Labour leader on the billions of Taxpayers’ money he is using the fund his major nationalisation policies and his latest proposal to compensate the WASBI women with their pensions.

On the Andrew Neil Show Mr Corbyn refused to answer several times how he would find the £60 billion to compensate the WASBI women.

Mr Neil said: “At the weekend you said you were going to compensate the WASBI women and they are the ones who feel they have been hard done by state pensions.

“But I don’t see I have got your grey book here, the costings for it.

“I don’t see any sign of how you are going to pay for it?”

Mr Corbyn then ducked the question and said: “I have got a grey book here if you want.”

Mr Neil undeterred by the Labour leader said: “No I have got your that is fine. Where do you pay for it?”

The Labour leader again refused to give a straight answer and said: “First for of all lets deal with the issue.”

This is a developing story, more to follow.


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