Nearly new buying guide: Jaguar XJ

This is the way to go if you want a petrol with reasonable economy, and a 2013-reg Portfolio with 45,000 miles is £17,500. If you go for a low-mileage model, choose the supercharged V8 (£14,500 for a 2011-reg with 90,000 miles).

In 2013, the XJR arrived with 542bhp from its supercharged V8. (We found a mint 2014-reg one with 63,000 miles for £23,975.) By 2015, the V6 and two supercharged V8s were the only petrols, but the 567bhp V8 XJR 575 arrived in 2017 to see the model through its final years.

As for trims, Portfolio (massaging seats and premium stereo) dominates but Premium Luxury is reasonably plentiful, too.

Jaguar founder Sir William Lyons might not recognise the 2010-19 XJ, but in the context of its rivals today, it is a motor of real distinction.


Engine The V6 diesel can suffer crankshaft bearing failure. Still on diesels, check the engine oil level has been raised by fuel dilution linked to interrupted or over-frequent regeneration of the diesel particulate filter.

Transmission Post-2012 eight-speed ZF torque converter auto is more reliable than the previous six-speed unit. Check the fluid has been changed at 35,000-mile intervals.


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