Nearly new buying guide: Fiat 124 Spider

But you don’t have to spend that. Prices for the Fiat 124 Spider begin at around £11,000 for a 2017-reg Classica with 22,000 miles. The Fiat is softer and mellower than the Abarth and in many ways a more compelling alternative to the MX-5 (sorry). It, too, is available in automatic guise, but this time the manual version is way more plentiful. Entry-level Classica trim is a bit basic so stretch to mid-level Lusso if you can. We found a 2017-reg with 20,000 miles for £1500 more than that Classica. No question: Fiat and Abarth 124s are interesting cars and great value – worth remembering when you’re shopping for that MX-5.


Engine Water pump leaks are not unknown. Some parts, including the turbo system, can take weeks to arrive. Engine oil choice is critical on the Multiair engine. On 2017-reg models, a check engine warning light might be a thermostat issue.

Body Check the body for damage or poor accident repairs and the wheels for kerbside scuffs (especially larger-wheeled variants such as the Lusso). Some panels are aluminium meaning dents and dings can be more hassle to sort. 

Interior As with any convertible, check the 124’s interior for water leaks (running the car through a car wash is a good idea). 


Need to know

Fiat and Mazda approved used schemes offer similar benefits: a 12-month warranty and 12 months’ breakdown cover (both extend to Europe), and a multi-point, pre-purchase inspection.


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