Nadia Sawalha says 'disaster' marriage to Mark Adderley almost ended

Loose Women panellist Nadia Sawalha opened up on her “beautiful disaster” marriage to Mark Adderley as she marked their 19th wedding anniversary.

The 56-year-old took to Instagram to share a number of snaps of her and Mark throughout their marriage and said they “almost didn’t make it”.

“Nineteen years married today …” she began. “ We almost didn’t make it . Too often when people post about their relationships on here it can all be a bit hearts and flowers ! And that can be so damn intimidating and depressing for those that might be struggling with their own relationship .

“So here’s the truth . Mark and I were always going to be together . I think we knew that the minute we met . We kind of crashed into each other really.”

Nadia Sawalha and Mark Adderley
Nadia Sawalha was honest about her marriage to Mark

She went on to say that when they met they were “both so unhappy for very different reasons”.

Both Mark and Nadia were drowning their emotions with “bottles of booze and crazy behaviours”.

“It’s a miracle we didn’t both snuff it in those first few months ( we used to lie in the road blind drunk to ‘see what would happen ‘ FFS ),” she added.

Nadia Sawalha
She shared a series of throwback photos

Nadia Sawalha
The two have had many ups and downs

“The first few years of our marriage were really really tough .

“If I’m honest we were f**king miserable a lot of the time .

“Eventually after a whole heap of hell we came to the realisation that we were going have to get on with the graft of making it work, because actually we loved each other and would have been as miserable as sin if we’d broken up.”

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Nadia went on to say: “I don’t care what anyone says , a lasting relationship takes conscious effort ..

“And we have actually worked our arses off to keep this relationship alive and fizzing. Couples counselling , staying when we’ve wanted to leave , listening when we’ve not wanted to , compromising when we’d rather have died!”

The TV presenter then discussed the present day and gushed about her love for him.

Nadia Sawalha
She marked their 19 years together

“And here we are 19 years on off the back of a very challenging ,frightening few weeks . And I love Mark more than I ever have,” she wrote. “Our marriage in some ways is a beautiful disaster and I wouldn’t have had it any other way .

“My gorgeous man . A fabulous father to our beautiful girls . The most supportive loving husband . So smart , talented , and bonkers .

“My life would have been a car crash without you . Everyone thinks I saved you , but we saved each other my darling . Love you till the day I die . Thank you ..for being exactly the way you are .. I wouldn’t change a thing .. except the farting .. maybe …”

Mark was touched by the honest post and immediately commented on it.

“I love you very much – we’ve worked hard and and are reaping the rewards xx,” he wrote to his wife.

The two share two daughters Maddy, 18, and Kiki, 13.


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