Mystery over moon rocket crash

A mystery rocket has crashed into the Moon, creating a large double crater, and “no one (on Earth) is owning up”, said The Telegraph. Nasa scientists are said to be baffled at who was behind the launch and why its impact was spread over two distinct areas. Although the rocket body’s origin is uncertain, experts said the newly discovered double nature of the crater may help trace its identity. “No other rocket body impacts on the Moon created double craters,” Nasa noted in a blog post.

Mayor crashes car after drink-driving meeting

A mayor in Australia has stepped down from the Brisbane Olympics board after admitting she consumed “several drinks” before crashing her car, one hour after meeting with victims of drink-driving. Judy Lindsay, whose daughter Hayley was killed by a drunk driver a decade ago, phoned the mayor, Karen Williams, after she heard about the crash, reported ABC. “I was so angry, I just told her what I thought of her and what I think of drink driving,” she said. No bystanders were injured in the crash.

War veteran waiting for medal

The family of a war veteran are hoping a medal from France will arrive in time for his 100th birthday, reported ITV News. Ernest Morris, who lives in Knutsford, is due to receive the country’s highest order of merit for his bravery in the Second World War – but it has been delayed. “This has been 12 months in the pipeline but we’re just having to wait for the French Embassy to advise all their procedures have been followed and the award is confirmed,” said his son, Alvin.


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