Mysterious black holes so big they ‘should not exist’ could be lurking out in space

An artist’s impression of a supermassive black hole (Image: Nasa)

There are big black holes and there are smaller ones – but each is scary in its own unique way.

Now scientists have reportedly found tentative evidence of a new type of black hole of an unexpected size somewhere between a small, roughly sun-sized beast and the supermassive monsters known to lurk at the centre of galaxies.

Some holes form when a star explodes in a huge supernova at the end of its life.

But it’s believed that stars of a certain size – roughly between 50 and 130 times the mass of our sun – cannot form.

In 2017, Chris Belczynski, an astrophysicist at Warsaw University and Daniel Holz of the University of Chicago said ‘black holes should not exist’ in this size, because heavy stars ith a very dense core explode so dramatically that nothing is left behind.

However, a team using the LIGO and Virgo instruments are rumoured to have discovered a collision involving a black hole as big as black suns.

The gossip is ‘pushing us to alternative formation mechanisms’ Chris Fryer, an astrophysicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory told Quanta, which reported that seven scientists had confirmed the detection.

‘In any event it will be an exciting event — if it’s true.’

We will have to wait until 2020 for confirmation of the sighting, when the full results are published.


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