'My stepdaughter forced her way in while I was giving birth – I didn't want her there'

A woman was forced to allow her stepdaughter to watch her give birth after she barged into the delivery room, as she didn’t want to cause an argument by making her leave

A woman going through labour in a hospital. She is wearing hospital scrubs and is laying on a bed. Two people are standing either side of her holding her hands and trying to comfort her.
The mum didn’t kick her stepdaughter out of the room in case she caused an argument (stock image)

Every woman has different preferences when it comes to who they want to have in the delivery room when they give birth but traditionally, the only other family member in the room is the baby’s father.

People who don’t usually make the delivery room guest list include the woman’s adult stepchildren – but that’s exactly who watched one mum give birth after they barged into the birthing suite uninvited.

The mum, named Diane, explained to Kidspot that her 18-year-old stepdaughter text her while she was in hospital to let her know she was about to be dropped off so that she could be the first one to hold the newborn baby.

The mum’s stepdaughter held the new baby as soon as he was born (stock image)


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And while the mum wasn’t impressed, she knew she couldn’t say no – because she didn’t want to risk causing an argument on what should have been a special day for herself and her husband.

She said: “I was immediately upset because she was taking away a very personal moment for my husband and I.

“But I know if I told her no, she would cause so much drama that my partner would leave me birthing alone and miss the birth of his only son.”

The mum said her relationship with her stepdaughter turned sour after the teenager began to “stir trouble” with Diane’s other children from a previous relationship.

And when Diane confronted her stepdaughter, the teen began to “hate” her – until she fell pregnant, when her behaviour changed.

The mum added: “She had gone from hating me to being infatuated with the baby … she started coming to every appointment, every ultrasound.

“I felt uneasy … like she was doing all of this because she wanted my baby – in her head, I’m sure she thought he was hers.”

While Diane was uncomfortable with having her stepdaughter so involved with her unborn son, the mum didn’t stop her because she didn’t want to cause arguments.

The teenager was so disruptive in the delivery room that she was asked by the midwives to leave – but managed to talk her way back in just in time to hold her stepsibling before anyone else.

Diane said: “She sat on her phone and distracted her dad from being with me by taking him to the cafe while I was in active labour.

“She even laughed, took photos and messaged her mum about what I was going through.

“I had just delivered – I wasn’t even showered – but she took my baby boy from my arms.

“She started taking photos for social media saying he was ‘hers’.

“If I could go back in time now – I’d tell her to leave at the beginning.”

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