My late grandad helped me give birth from beyond the grave after I begged him for help, says Catherine Tyldesley

CATHERINE Tyldesley has revealed her late grandfather helped her give birth to her son from beyond the grave.

The former Coronation Street star recalled how she was left traumatised by her first hospital delivery but it was her dead relative who helped her get through it.

Catherine Tyldesley believes her grandad helped her from beyond the grave


Catherine Tyldesley believes her grandad helped her from beyond the graveCredit: Instagram
She's pregnant with her second child and already mum to six-year-old Alfie


She’s pregnant with her second child and already mum to six-year-old AlfieCredit: instagram

Catherine, 38, is mum to son Alfie, six, and is currently pregnant with a baby girl – her second child with husband Tom Pitfield.

Speaking about the memorable experience on the Made by Mammas podcast, the soap fave recalled being pregnant with Alfie.

Catherine told the hosts: “He was a wonderful surprise. We got pregnant very quickly. We were very very lucky. And I had a great pregnancy, actually looking back, especially when I compare it to this one, because this one is completely different.

“Everything was great with Alife. I was very tired in the first trimester but I didn’t really have much sickness, he was 15 days late, which by that point… I was having to crawl up the stairs, cos he was so engaged. He was so low down.

“I wanted a home birth originally, but of course when you’re that overdue, you’re then asked to go into hospital and they try to induce you.”

It was then she explained that her hopes for a home birth in a “pool set up in the conservatory” had gone “out the window”.

Describing just how bad it got, the TV star commented: “We were a little bit traumatised actually. Things got quite scary at one point. HIs heart rate dropped and for whatever reason, I had this overwhelming fear of a caesarean.

“I was just scared of it. It’s the unknown isn’t it?

“And at one point they said, “We’re going to have to prep you for a c-section, his heart rate’s dropping’.

“I am quite spiritual, and at that point I remember in my head praying to my grandad who we lost some years ago, but he was my hero.

“And I said, ‘Grandad, I can’t do this. I can’t do a caesarean, please don’t let me have a caesarean, I’m terrified,’ and honestly, within two minutes, I said I need to push.

“And they were like, ‘No, no, no, we’ve just checked you, you don’t need to push’. I said, ‘No, I do’. And I’d gone from 2cm to 8cm [dilated] in no time.”


She added: “I remember crying and I said to Tom, ‘It’s my grandad’.

“At this point Tom was like, ‘She’s off her face, she’s not got a clue.’

“But in my mind – now I look back – I really feel like my grandad was with me in some way because everything just changed after I asked for his help.”

The former Strictly Come Dancing contestant explained how she was desperate not to have a caesarean: “Everything inside me was screaming that I didn’t want it.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with it, you know, birth is birth, whichever way it happens, but I just felt terrified and I got into a different mindset.

“Around that time, the Rocky soundtrack had kicked in on our playlist! I love a bit of Rocky. It was real game face mode!”

Catherine is due to give birth to her second child in April.

Speaking to Hello! magazine, Catherine said: “We feel so lucky. When we found out, I just burst into tears…

Tom was in bits when we found out we are having a little girl. He has suddenly gone all mushy. I’m sure she will have him wrapped around her little finger.”

The actress is married to Tom Pitfield


The actress is married to Tom PitfieldCredit: Instagram
She's expecting a girl in April but admits she found her first birth traumatic


She’s expecting a girl in April but admits she found her first birth traumaticCredit: Instagram
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