'My in-laws crossed a major line with my baby – now I don't want them to visit’

A mum on Reddit has been left fuming after her mother-in-law cursed at her five-month-old daughter – and the harsh words have left her questioning her daughter’s safety

A grandmother sitting at a table with a baby on her lap. The baby is being fed by a mum who is standing next to the table and leaning down to be at their level.
The mum now doesn’t feel safe leaving her daughter with her grandma (stock image)

As a new parent, having a grandparent or other family member who’s willing to look after your baby when you need a break can be invaluable.

But one mum on Reddit has discovered she no longer wants to take her daughter to see her grandma because of how the woman acted around her baby.

The new mum explained she and her husband welcomed a daughter just five months ago and her mother-in-law and sister-in-law recently looked after the tot while she and her spouse enjoyed a quiet date night.

And while it seemed to be going smoothly, the mum was stunned when she and her husband went to pick up their daughter – as the mother-in-law called the baby a “b***h”.

She was “shocked” by how rude her mother-in-law was (stock image)


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The mum wrote: “I’m very newly married. Me and my husband tied the knot last Friday, but we’ve been together a year and a half.

“This past Saturday my mother-in-law and sister-in-law kept our five-month-old daughter so we could go on a date.

“When we returned about four hours later my mother-in-law told us she’d been fussy (she’s teething) and as my husband approached to pick up our daughter his mum said, ‘Here take your b***h of a daughter.’”

The woman couldn’t believe how rude her mother-in-law was and has said she no longer wants her daughter to be left alone with her.

She added: “That shocked me to be honest, her and my sister-in-law can be crude but to call your five-month-old granddaughter a b***h crosses a major line for me and makes me question her safety while she’s there. She’s not been back. Am I overreacting?”

And commenters on Reddit were quick to reassure her she wasn’t overreacting – with many left equally as shocked by the grandmother’s comments.

One person wrote: “You’re not overreacting at all. That was terrible of her to say about your daughter.”

While another said: “Absolutely not overreacting. That’s absolutely insane to say about a five-month-old baby. Keep your child and future children far away from those people.”

And a third added: “Holy hell! I don’t even have kids, but I imagine the hands that would be flying if I did. That raised my blood pressure a bit.”

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